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Convenient CBX Transportation With Rides On Time 

When you’re traveling for business, you want to make sure all your focus in on your upcoming meeting, so let Rides On Time take care of your transportation needs! We even offer to and from transportation from the Tijuana Airport Terminal in Mexico, going over from CBX into San Diego, picking you up and transporting you to your meetings in either San Diego or Los Angeles. And we can even get you from CBX to Los Angeles Airport in no time!  

The CBX (or Cross Border Xpress) is an enclosed pedestrian bridge that many passengers from the Tijuana Airport cross into the U.S. from the border. The CBX skywalk is the first ever bridge to connect a facility in the U.S. with a foreign airport terminal and serves about 2.4 million passengers a year, who cross the border as part of their travels. This helps them avoid long delays and congestion at the land ports of entry and now Rides On Time makes it even easier using our superb transportation services!  

Instead of taking a taxi from CBX to San Diego Airport, simply book your transportation needs with us and we’re provide you with the best experience imaginable! You can easily focus on your meeting while riding in style, letting us worry about the driving. We also offer services from CBX to your home in San Diego! Know that whatever your transportation needs are from CBX, we can more than exceed them.  

Our passengers always love the extra relaxation they get when using us for their CBX to a business meeting in San Diego needs, taking in that precious time to adequately prepare for their work. Also rest assure that all of our vehicles are perfectly safe since we do regular vehicle maintenance on all of our fleet. And our drivers are cautious, safe and always on time, ready to take you anywhere you need to go. There’s no way you’ll get better service for your transportation needs from the San Diego Airport to CBX or vice versa, so give us a call today! 



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